Turimetta Beach, Sydney – NB43

Turimetta Beach is one of the northern beaches hidden gems. It is only 350 metres long and is backed by steep bluffs on either end. It’s not a swimming beach nor a surfing beach and it is not patrolled by lifeguards. I have lived in Sydney my whole life and I had never heard of this beach until I started taking photos. And that is one of the most rewarding things about taking up landscape photography. I have learnt about so many places and visited so many areas because I picked up a camera.

Turimetta Beach is probably my favourite location for shooting seascape photos. It has an amazing rock shelf on the south end of the beach and there are just so many compositions to capture. Also around October to November green moss covers the rocks on the south end and makes it so cool to photograph.

There are 2 big rocks on the southern end of Turimetta Beach that are really interesting to photograph. I decided to use one of the big rocks as my main subject. The sunrise that morning was beautiful, the sun was slightly diffused by the clouds as it rose directly behind the rock and I captured it as it was just on the horizon.

I love it when the sun just hits the horizon, it’s amazing to watch. I am always fascinated as to how quickly it rises in the sky. The incoming tide also created beautiful water movement around the rock, which I just love to capture. This is one of my favourite images of Turimetta Beach.

To view another image of Turimetta Beach, click here.

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