Sydney City

I took this photo from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair which is also known as Lady Macquarie’s Chair. It is located directly east of the Opera House on the eastern edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s a Sydney landmark, and hands down probably the best spot in Sydney to take a photo at sunset. As you can see from this photo, when you get a good sunset at this location you look in awe at the sheer beauty of Sydney.

When I took this photo, a massive storm had just passed over Sydney. I had gone there with a few friends to capture the storm as it rolled over the city. It was totally insane. The wind, the lightning and the rain were extremely intense. It was a very unpleasant shooting experience. It was so intense as I held my umbrella while battling the wind and rain while I tried to shoot this scene.  I actually thought I had walked away with no decent photo of the storm. After reviewing my shots when I got home, I realised I had managed to capture this wonderful frame showing the power and aggressiveness of the storm clouds.

This was an amazing afternoon and evening, because after the storm it was extremely peaceful and we got the most incredible sunset.  Click here to see the sunset that evening. You won’t believe your eyes.

To view another image of Sydney, click here.

Sydney City – SYD32

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