Kirribilli is one of Sydney’s most established and affluent neighbourhoods. It is located three kilometres north of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area administered by North Sydney Council. Located at Kirribilli is Kirribilli House, which is one of the two official residences of the Prime Minister of Australia.

Firstly if I could count how many times I have shot here I would be a rich man. I’ve visited this spot too many times to mention as it is one of the most magnificent locations to see Sydney in all it’s splendour. You basically get a 180 degree view of Sydney from the Opera House right across to the harbour Bridge. It’s a magnificent spot to see sunrise and sunset. Most people will say that it is better at sunset, because when you face the Harbour Bridge you are facing west where the sun sets, I tend to agree, but you can also get some magnificent reverse sunrise a this this location  if the clouds are right.

On this particular evening, sunset looked really promising. I remember jumping in my car and driving to Kirribilli in hope of a magnificent explosion of colour. While I didn’t get that, as the sun set on the horizon I managed to capture a beautiful sun star just before the sun dipped below the horizon. I feel that sunstar makes this image unique and one I will treasure forever.

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Kirribilli, Sydney – SYD03

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