Gordon’s Bay, Sydney – BT02

Gordon’s Bay

Gordon’s Bay otherwise known as Thompson’s Bay is an beach within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, located between Clovelly and Coogee beach. The bay is renowned for various reef and coral and as a result is a popular snorkeling area with an abundance of marine life. It is also known for small aluminium boats known as dinghies which are lined up on wooden racks upon the dry sand belonging to members of Gordon’s Bay Amateur Fishing Club.

The little boats make a great subject to photograph, and after scouting out the beach I really wanted to take a photo of one of the boats at the edge of beach near the headland. I was lucky to have spotted one of the boats that wasn’t tied up, so I proceeded to drag it across the beach into the position I wanted. I thought the boats were light, but I was very wrong, it took a lot of effort and muscle to drag it into position.

Once it was in position I had a few moments before the sun was about to rise. I wasn’t expecting much of a sunrise, but to my sheer surprise, the sky lit up, I just couldn’t believe it. All the elements lined up for me that morning. I was extremely happy. I then had to drag the boat back to where I had found it, but it was so worth it.

To view another image of Gordon’s Bay, click here.

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