Collaroy Rock Pool

Collaroy Rock Pool is a really interesting pool located at Collaroy Beach in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It’s about 50 metres in length and is great for photographers, as it has some unique angles that make some great compositions.

The morning I took this photo I was expecting the most incredible sunrise. What was predicted was the perfect amount of high cloud to leave a lasting impression and burn ones retina with amazing colour.

But as this is mother nature making the rules, this time round even though there was some good cloud in the sky, it wasn’t exactly what we were all hoping for. But all hope is never lost as I often get surprises that I wasn’t expecting, and in this case it was the orb of the sun breaking through on the horizon.

I was half packed up when I saw this happen, so I quickly grabbed my camera, ran into position and fired off some shots. What I ended up with was a beautiful image, one that I never thought I was going to walk away with.

You can view another image of Collaroy Rock Pool by clicking here.

Collaroy Rock Pool, Sydney – NB47

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