Broken Hill

In a previous job I had I was extremely lucky to travel to different locations in Australia. This allowed me to capture images I would never had the opportunity to shoot.

I was sent to Broken Hill a few times which was an amazing experience. Broken Hill is a mining town in the far west of New South Wales, in the Australian outback. Its mining history is explored through geology exhibits at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum.

North of Broken Hill, is the Living Desert State Park, which features the Sculpture Symposium, a group of monumental sandstone sculptures. And this is where I captured this panorama. After I finished work I went to the Sculpture Symposium to shoot sunset. It’s such an incredible spot. These sculptures are located up on a hill overlooking the outback and it is the most tranquil place to reflect on life and wind down after a busy day.

When I went there on this occasion, I remember standing there for over 30 minutes waiting for sunset, and looking way into the distance where I could see this huge cloud shelf. I thought to myself sunset isn’t going to be that eventful, but at least I am here and enjoying this peaceful moment. But I slowly noticed the cloud shelf was getting bigger and bigger as it was coming straight towards me. I soon realised I was going to get an incredible photo of this storm.

As the storm shelf approached I only had one go at taking this photo because I was about to be smashed with wind and intense rain. It was literally 20 metres in front of me and I started shooting. As I was shooting a panorama I had to take multiple shots, and I remember thinking, hurry up, hurry up I have to get out of here. As I finished the final frame, I just grabbed my tripod and ran back to the car. One second later the most intense rain poured down and thunder and lightning was all around me. I was so thankful I managed to get to the car in time. It was so intense and extremely scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

I then had to drive back to my motel in this storm. The sky went dark and I drove down the mountain with lashing rain, thunder and lightning in the dark. I took it very slowly and made it back safely. But it was one of the most scariest experiences I have ever been through while taking a photograph.

To view another image of Broken Hill, click here.

Broken Hill, NSW – LS17

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