If you have always wanted to learn landscape photography and how to master your camera in manual mode, come and join me on a one on one training session where I will teach you everything I have learnt out in the field over the years. There is nothing better than learning face to face with me by your side which will give you the confidence to go away and start shooting on your own.

During the session you will you will get a good grounding of the fundamentals of photography while learning how to use your camera to its full potential.

A typical training session involves meeting at a location in Sydney a few hours before sunset. I feel sunset is a better time to learn as it’s still light, which gives us plenty of time to go through all the fundamental training, and then by sunset you will be prepared and confident to shoot when the magic happens. Of course if you prefer to to do the training with me at sunrise, that is fine too, I just find sunset a more relaxed way to take it all in and learn effectively.

Topics covered

All courses take place in Sydney, Australia and are run on Saturday’s or Sunday’s usually from 3pm to 6pm which includes a sunset shoot.

No prior experience is required, this course is for beginners.

Cost: $80 an hour 
(3 hours is recommended)

To book in a training session, please contact me by filling in the form below: